Winner's Edge
Race Predicting Software
By: Scotty Richardson and 1320go

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A quarter mile goes by fast. As fast as 6 seconds. And in those seconds there are a few decisions you have to make that will ultimately change the outcome of the race. How do you prepare for those decisions? How often do you make the right decisions? You can say most of the time, but unless you have been the Champion of your class every year since you started racing, you aren't making the right ones. What would help you?

  • Knowing where your competitor is at all times during the race?
  • Knowing which vehicle is faster?
  • If your are slower, how quickly do they gain on you?
  • If you are faster, when and how can you determine if you can catch them?
  • Knowing the moment a race between you and your competitor is won or lost?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then Winner's Edge is for you.

We have spent the past year working with Scotty to develop Winner's Edge (previously called Scotty's Whiteboard). The software is based on the way Scotty teaches at his Drag Racing School.

Have you ever wondered...

  • What your ideal run looks like?

  • How your ideal run would stack up against others in your class?

  • At what point you lost or won a close race?

  • Just how much a poor light impacts your run?

Drag racing is about you, your vehicle, and numbers - your numbers, your competitors' numbers, and environmental numbers (time, weather, etc.). Winner's Edge takes all those numbers, puts them on a "whiteboard" and then runs the race for you - showing you what you will do and what your competitor will do and when!

Winner's Edge is the ultimate tool for drag racers.

Want to know more about Winner's Edge? Click on the User Guide link below and find out!

Winner's Edge User Guide

Get Winner's Edge and get ahead of your competitors!

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